The pap, or plug and pay, is a mobile POS device with a hardware unit that can be plugged directly into any mobile smartphone. It is operated through an easy to use cell phone application downloaded onto the smartphone. The pap team has developed the hardware portion of the mobile POS and now we seek your assistance in re-developing the software application for Africa (Nigeria). In addition, we request an established bank supporter to be the face of the pap.

Initial Amount of Financing Being Requested:

N14,943,755 in 3 phases of development

Phase 1 ( N4,981,251 )  – startup capital for software smartphone application and website interface
Phase 2 ( N4,981,251 )  – alpha development of smartphone application and website interface
Phase 3 ( N4,981,251 )  – beta launch of smartphone application and website interface


This is an investment in a product that will revolutionize the world of mobile banking for the common merchant in Africa; your ROI ( return on investment ) will be immeasurable and realized within 3-6 months of product launch. Contact us today to find out more || You can also reach us directly at +009 774-262-0106 for more information.


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