EndPoint Web Solutions

What we do

EWS is not just another website company!

EWS specializes in web, logo, banner, and database design. We maintain a staff of designers and coders that are available to service your needs remotely and on-site. Read through our What We Do page regarding more of our capabilities. EWS specializes in web, logo, banner, and database design.

JBuilder, Front Page, Dreamweaver , IntelliJ, Eclipse.
MySql,Access, Oracle(with PL SQL), SQL, MS Access
C,C++ , Java (J2SE, J2EE)
WebMethods 6.0.1, 6.1, 6.5
Weblogic 8.0, Apache Tomcat, J2EE, Websphere
Client/Server: RMI, CORBA
JDK, JDBC, EJB, Servlet, JSP, Sockets, AWT, Swings, Multi-Threading
PHP, Javascript
ASP, ASP.net, Flash/Flash Actionscript

Solution Process

Below is the solutions process for website designs. *Please read this section very carefully.
If you require another service other than website design or redesign please inquire with us regarding the process.
We offer web page creation at reasonable prices. We will work with you in creating a site that is essential for your business or personal options. The basic approach to web page design is to attract customers, provide information about your company and to entice them to browse your site again. Web page business decisions start with planning the layout, design, and what the purpose of creating your web site is for. There are several “steps necessary” to effectively put your business online and to design your web site. Below you will find a brief outline of each of these steps so that you can understand the process and can contribute to the design process.

Step – 1

These are two definitions that you should keep in mind while reading these steps:
Domain name: the name of your prospective website such as www.yourcompany.com
Hosting company: the company that will give you a certain amount of space to place your webpage(s) such as Catalog, Yahoo, Canaca we can decide together which one will suite your needs best.

  • Do you have your own domain? If I do your web page we will register your domain name for you at no extra charge.
  • Do you already have a Domain Name? Need someone to “Host” your domain. I do not offer domain hosting and ISP service but again can suggest notable companies that do.

Step – 2

  • Inform us of what you would like your site to accomplish.
  • Decide how many pages you might need. If your not sure, pages can be added as your site is designed.
  • Determine any color scheme, graphics, logos and/or the movie scenes you might want to have incorporated into your site. Click on the Quote button in order to tell us what you have in mind for a design.

Step – 3

  • Get in touch with us and let us know you would like to employ our service for designing you web site.
  • We will discuss pricing based on the associated Services Chart, service agreement and a initial down payment. We require 50% of the estimated price. Estimated because once a site is started you might want to add extra things, like a shopping cart or extra pages.

Step – 4

  • Once we agree on the contract, estimated price, and sign the contract, you can then pay your down payment by check, cash, or money order.
  • We will then begin the design process and up load sample pages on your domain for you to inspect. We will then go over any changes/modifications that your site needs.
  • Once your web site is completed and you approve the design work, we will submit to you the final bill in writing in the final amount quoted to you, plus any additional charges that you have approved.

You will then have 1 weeks to pay the balance.
Some information for contacting us is as follows:

Email Address:ewshelp@myendpoint.com