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What We Do

ODS Security Systems is the newly formed leg of EndPoint Network and Communications.ODS Security Systems, are specialist in autonomous electronic security systems and services. We are a product of EndPoint Networks and Communications from the EMG LLC. company, an American based company in Florida. ODS Security Systems is a 24 hour/7 days a week security monitoring services and security products provider. From security alarm systems that signal you remotely on your cell phone when your home or office is being invaded to video surveillance and recording camera systems that capture images of culprits in action and alert you immediately; we will provide you with the security solutions that guarantee your peace of mind. Our systems can operate independently of the public electric power grid, when need be, so you can expect constant uninterruptable operation from our devices. Our systems are stand-alone but also work with our private in-house security staff as an additional barrier of protection for your homes, offices, and facilities from intruders. In addition, our security systems contain “decoys” that disguise attributes of our provided architecture to fool persons who may wish to steal, destroy, or immobilize the device’s functionality.

ODS now provides you with devices to deter and prevent suicide terrorist attackers. Official distributors of SDI Security Products.

Stand-Off Suicide Bomber Detection Systems

Mobile Detection of Threats HUNIT – II

HUNIT II Mobile Unit is mounted on a vehicle and alerts of possible threatening subjects ahead of the vehicle as the vehicle travels . HUNIT II Mobile has a High Probability of Detection including guns and metallic type shrapnel threats . We are currently working on this product and testing at 137 meters.


Configured for threshold protection, the Concealed Threat Detection System can scan subjects as they walk towards a Facility security checkpoint. High Probability of Detection for shrapnel type weapons at ranges up to 100 meters including guns, knives and metallic type shrapnel threats. The use of HUNIT as a system, or as individual sensors requires no “stopping” or bottle necking of traffic through put to effectively detect threats. All the threat needs to do is move within the sense – zone of the HUNIT module and the result is transmitted. As HUNIT is low power consuming, it may be powered by battery, hard wire, solar or other means, the operational flexibility of the sensors allow an effective means to monitor large areas, both indoors and outdoors, in either remote or densely populated areas.


Configured for a Covert application and deployed at the choke point of an entry to a facility. The system scans a subject as they move by the sensor towards the entry point, totally unaware that they have been scanned. DOD tested HUNIT’s base system in Oct 2009 with a 100% Probability of Detection for shrapnel type weapons (weapons supplied by DOD) at a range of 4 meters, HUNIT has flexible deployment configurations from 4 meters to 45 meters with the subject walking towards HUNIT or parallel to HUNIT .

Beside the obvious benefits which implementation of a stable, structured, and well maintained security infrastructure provides; our systems also make financial sense. Other benefits to take into consideration are:

Cost savings that spans the life of the security system infrastructure
Deter Criminals
Prevent Theft
Improve Productivity
Reduce Liability
Protect Intellectual Property
Manage Remotely
Enhance Customer Experience
Streamline Operations
Validate Alarms
Deliver Peace of Mind