Networks & Communications

ENC is part of EMG or EndPoint Merger Group LLC, developed in early 2001 in Marlboro Massachusetts.

ENC specializes in network configuration topologies for various applications. To automate your business effectively, you need to network everything — from the simplest device all the way to the Internet. And, if your business is like most, you already have a number of networks installed for different purposes.

What we do

With the wide range of devices, networks, and protocols, you likely have trouble getting all of your systems to speak the same language. This affects your productivity, increases your costs, and impedes your ability to react to change quickly. ENCs services span the gamut of providing the capabilities to make your business a cohesive unit by providing solutions from the planning to the enhancement of your total business network strategy.


ENC has in mind the mission to establish as many wireless internet access points (nodes) in various areas of Nigeria and eventually other African markets as possible within the next two years. This means
deploying several hotspot systems in various test site locations, restaurants/eateries, hotels, mom and pop shops, private businesses, university campuses, and airport(s).Although Wi-Fi is available in one form or another in some locals, ENC intends to offer a fee based service that users will have accessibility to securely, conveniently, and expediently as often as they choose.
In addition, ENC aims at providing fast and available Internet access in and to the most remote locations in Africa such as Gambia, Congo, Cape Verde, etc. beginning with Nigeria.

Our Strategy

Our strategy, let us re-phrase that, the strategy we have for your company is more than we can include on the few pages of this site. We can say that our projects will be inclusive of the following four course executions that are listed :


Planning a network using many vendors’ equipment can be a complicated task, especially if the network design is multifaceted. We offer planning services that help you quickly design a revenue-generating network:

Network design – Design of network architecture and topologies, traffic, capabilities and performance
Interoperability testing – Customer/vendor testing with ENC products in the lab, customer site or via remote access
Fiber sourcing & management – Identify, qualify and negotiate multiple sources to construct seamless fiber routes
Fiber characterization – Measurement and analysis of a customer’s fiber plant for DWDM, CWDM and > 2.5 Gb rates
Training – Comprehensive engineering, product and technology courses taught in a hands-on environment
PCD & Cabinet Solutions – ENC offers high quality cabinet and inside and outside plant turnkey solutions for wireline, wireless, FTTx, Cable, and MSO markets that include standard cabinets, custom cabinets and a full range of indoor and outside plant services.


We have extensive experience providing complex multi-vendor implementation and activation solutions that will minimize problems and maximize your resources. Whether you’re building a new network or upgrading an existing one, ENC has a deployment solution that ensures smooth implementation:
EF&I – Engineering, furnishing and installation services
Turn-Up & Test – On-site configuration and simple turn-up or rigorous long- term testing
Program Management – Program and project management for trouble-free network build outs and other activities
Training – Comprehensive product and technology courses offered in-house or at your location
Furnish Material (FMAT) – Identify and order furnish material such as power, alarm and clock cables necessary for installation of network equipment.


You can get 24-hour protection and optimize your network with convenient bundled support packages and network operations solutions that prevent or resolve issues:

Service Support Packages to Protect Your Valuable Investment
We offer support packages that help you streamline operations and increase network reliability. You choose the amount of support you need to supplement your staff, which allows you to maintain optimum performance while controlling costs.

Unlimited Package Support (click)

We offer 7 x 24 x 365 technical assistance, so reliable help is available whenever you need it. Plus, you can get additional support through on-site technical support and advanced hardware replacement with either next business day or four-hour response times. With ENC helping you maintain your network, you can dramatically increase operational efficiency and focus your resources on core business activities.

Network Operations Center (NOC)
Protecting your network shouldn’t keep you awake at night or detract from core business activities. You can get 24-hour system protection with our Network Operations Center (NOC) solution that contains network fault and performance monitoring features and connection services for communication and data networks. With a NOC solution, you achieve a quicker time to market, simplify operations management, increase availability and improve cost efficiencies. Whether you need uninterrupted network protection or want to supplement your staff on nights, weekends or holidays, the ENC NOC can provide the level of service you need.


You can meet constantly changing customer demands and keep your revenue-generating networks operating at peak performance by integrating the most current technology. We offer expert migration solutions to ensure the latest technology is smoothly integrated into your network.

ENC has extensive network planning experience that allows us to pinpoint potential network problems before they hinder performance. We will customize a migration program to match your specific requirements, and develop a step-by-step plan for a successful migration. Whether you need to completely outsource your network migration or require limited assistance, we can provide the level of support you need:

Network Migration – Physical/logical migration of single NEs or entire networks to new releases, topologies, etc.
Program Management – Program and project management to manage network migrations and other activities
Training – Thorough hands-on product and technology courses offered in-house or at your location